Hands up




Hands Up!

Coca-Cola Arena

2Sat, 19:00Nov



Group "Hands Up!" — is a Russian pop music legend created in the early 90s by two radio DJs, Alexei Potekhin and Sergei Zhukov. Initially, the duet was called “Uncle Ray and Company,” but they entered the history of Russian pop music under the name “Hands Up!” Their first popular composition “Baby” became the last experiment in the work of Potekhin and Zhukov. The very next hit “Student” laid the foundation for the group's signature style: melodic vocals of Sergei Zhukov, naive love stories and arrangements in the Eurodance style.

The debut album “Breathe Evenly,” released in 1995, was the beginning of a successful career that continues to this day. Over the decades, the group has released more than twenty albums, each of which resonated with a wide audience. Even after Potekhin left, Zhukov continues to successfully lead the project, collaborating with various artists such as Little Big and Stas Mikhailov.

Concert shows of the group “Hands Up!” — This is always a great event for fans. At the concerts you will be able to see Sergei Zhukov and his musicians live, enjoy your favorite songs that have become part of the general and personal history. Zhukov and his team still easily attract stadium audiences, even without releasing new albums.

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Group "Hands Up!" continues to delight his fans, remaining a bright symbol of Russian pop music. Don't miss the opportunity to become part of this musical celebration — buy tickets on our website and enjoy unforgettable concerts!