Tim Show Center The Bi-2 band is an alternative rock band that has been in existence since 1988. They invariably delight their fans with the unique sound and energy of their performances. If you want to get to the concerts of the band Bi-2, you can easily and quickly book tickets on our website. Here you will find a schedule and a poster of all the events in which the Bi-2 group participates.

One of the indisputable features of Bi-2's work is their creative collaboration with the symphony orchestra. Over the years of joint work, the Bi-2 group and orchestras have created magnificent musical compositions that amaze the imagination with their harmony and majesty. Their concert programs are performed at the most prestigious venues in Russia, the CIS and the Baltic states.

Bi-2 continues to surprise its fans with its projects. In recording albums, they collaborated not only with the Russian orchestra of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, but also with the Prague Symphony Orchestra. Their work has even been released on vinyl. The new album "Bi-2 & Prague Metropolitan Symphonic orchestra. VOL 2" is ready to be released.

But the success of the Bi-2 group is not limited to collaboration with orchestras. They have also received numerous awards and prizes, including the awards "Band of the Year", "Leaders of the Hit Parade", "Soloist of the Year" and "Best Music Video". This only confirms their high skill and popularity among fans.

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