Tribute show of the Cinema group

Tickets to the tribute show of the Cinema group

Coca-Cola Arena07 March 2024, 19:00


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On March 7, 2024, you can hear the famous Russian group “Kino” in Dubai. The musicians will perform in the modern Coca-Cola Arena complex. All fans of Viktor Tsoi and old rock are in for a great show, where the band’s best hits will be performed in an original stage design. Buy tickets for concerts “Kino” in Dubai, at the Coca-Cola Arena, March 7, 2024 available online on our website. This is a great opportunity to listen to good music and cheer yourself up at the beginning of spring in the Emirates.

Group “Cinema” has had cult status for several decades. Formed in 1981, the team existed for 10 years. After the death of the leader, the musicians went their separate ways to different projects, uniting only recently. In 2012, the group gathered again to complete the studio recording of the song “Ataman”. In 2019, the musicians teamed up to create large concert tours that feature the real vocals of Viktor Tsoi. The idea of organizing spectacular concerts belongs to the son of a popular artist, Alexander.

In 2022, a new album “Kino” was released, which was called “12 22”. It includes studio recordings of the band's classic tracks with a modern sound. Critics have described it as “a demonstration of what “Cinema” now”. Fans received the release well and are now waiting for new recordings, which will contain songs that were not included in the album. The current composition of “Kino” looks like this: Yuri Kasparian – lead guitar, Alexander Titov – bass guitar, Igor Tikhomirov – Bas-guitar. Sometimes session musicians also play at concerts.

To hear the voice of Viktor Tsoi and see famous musicians on stage, be sure to attend the concert of the group “Kino” In Dubai. All spectators will enjoy an excellent show, in which the best songs of the team will be performed, accompanied by the most beautiful scenography based on the life and work of Tsoi. Order tickets for the concert of the group “Kino” in Dubai it is better to arrive in advance so as not to miss the performance. There will be many people wishing to visit the Coca-Cola Arena on March 7.

How to buy tickets to the “Kino” concert in Dubai online?

To book tickets, you need to select seats on the hall map and click the “Place an order” button. After this, fill out several fields with contact information and select a payment method (Russian or foreign card). Electronic tickets for the concert “Kino” in Dubai they will come to the post office immediately after payment. There is no need to print or exchange them at the box office. The barcode on them will be scanned at the entrance from the phone screen.

How much does a ticket to the “Kino” concert cost? in Dubai, at the Coca-Cola Arena?

The cost of the order is determined by the selected locations. Areas with the best view of the stage cost more. The price of tickets for the concert of the group “Kino” in Dubai on March 7 is indicated directly on the diagram to make it more convenient for you to choose seats. The full amount of the order will be indicated in advance, before payment.

If you want to hear long-familiar and favorite songs, such as “A Star Called the Sun”, “Blood Type”, “A Pack of Cigarettes”, “The Last Hero”, “Good Night” and other hits of the group, then be sure to attend the musicians’ performance at the Coca-Cola Arena. Tickets for the concert of the group “Kino” in Dubai on March 7, 2024, you can order at any time using a convenient online form.