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Coca-Cola Arena07 Mar 19:00Rock18+

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Using a bank card on the website online or in cash to the courier

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According to the rules of the venue, tickets will be sent by e-mail no later than 5 days before the start of the event.

March 7, 2024 in Dubai on the stage of the Coca-Cola Arena The group "Kino" will perform.

The cult rock band was and remains the most popular, beloved and quoted. For 10 years from 1981 to 1991, she gave the world dozens of incredible hits: “A Star Called the Sun”, “Blood Type”, “Change”, “Good Night”, “Watch Yourself”, “It Will End” summer", "Red-yellow days". They are so famous and popular that even world-class bands like Metallica learn them and perform them at their concerts in Russia. Tickets for the concert "Kino" in Dubaiwill give you the opportunity to hear your favorite songs live again.

After the tragic death of Viktor Tsoi, the group’s musicians took up their own projects and until 2012, her fans had no hope of attending her concerts again. In 2012, in honor of Viktor Tsoi’s 50th birthday, Kasparian, Tikhomirov and Titov gathered in the studio to complete the unfinished recording of Tsoi’s last lifetime hit, “Ataman.” The next team meeting took place in 2019 on the initiative of Alexander Tsoi.

<>He offered to “revive” “Cinema”, that is, use recordings of the father’s voice, and also supplement them with videos from films, from filming concerts and family video archives, and live performances of the band’s music. The first "experimental" the performance was sold out. The show program has been worked out to the smallest detail and you and I have the opportunity to once again be at the live Kino concert.

In 2022, the musicians released a new album dedicated to Tsoi’s 60th birthday. The album received many critical reviews. It is called “Cinema music.” today”, that is, this is exactly how the group would sound today if tragic events had not happened in its history.

At the concert in Dubai you will hear not only legendary hits, but also compositions from the new anniversary record. Vocals by Viktor Tsoi, playing by Titov, Kasparyan, Tikhomirov and session musicians, unique video materials and special effects – a large-scale and spectacular show that cannot be missed.

How much do tickets cost for a concert of the group “Kino”? in Dubai

The price of tickets for the Kino concert, as well as for the performances of other stars, depends on the location of the seats. The closer they are to the stage and the better the view of it, the higher the cost. The show organizers have provided different categories of seats for spectators. You can select the appropriate ones on the electronic diagram of the hall.

How to buy tickets for the Kino concert? in Dubai online

To place an order, select seats on the hall map and click on the “Place an order” button. Then fill in the lines with your contact information and payment method (Russian or foreign card). After payment, tickets for the Kino concert will be sent to your email inbox. In Dubai. Everything you need to attend the show – show the barcode on your phone screen at the entrance to the Coca-Cola Arena; and take your seats.

Questions and answers

The concert of the legendary Kino group will be held on March 7, 2024. On our website there is an opportunity to choose seats on the virtual layout of the hall and pay for the order online from anywhere in the world!
The concert of the Kino group will take place at the Coca-Cola Arena (Dubai). This is the only site in the region that operates year-round. All fans of the Kino group have a unique opportunity to enjoy an amazing show in the most modern and impressive arena in the Middle East. Get ready for an unforgettable musical journey to the sounds of legendary hits!
The cost of tickets for the concert of the Kino group in Dubai can be found on our website. Prices depend on the category of the selected seat in the hall. Have time to book tickets for the performance of the legendary band!
To buy tickets for the concert of the Kino group in Dubai, select seats on the interactive map of the hall, specify the number of tickets, contact information and payment method. After making the payment, the tickets will be sent by e-mail.


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