Jack Whitehall

Jack Whitehall in Coca-Cola Arena standup tickets

Coca-Cola Arena15 April, 19:30

Stand Up16+

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About event

On April 15, the Coca-Cola Arena will host a performance by Jack Whitehall, a StandUp comedian and humorist.

Themes for the performance of the artist are suggested by life itself! The stories that happen to him, to his loved ones, subtle observations of the behavior of friends and his own give rise to simple and understandable jokes that sometimes sound, as they say, on the verge of a foul. The ability to balance on the edge of the limits of decency, and even joke in this plane, talking about the most intimate and secret is one of the qualities for which fans of Jack Whitehall appreciate his talent.

Get ready to memorize and write down jokes that you can definitely show off in the company by adding a couple of your own phrases! The conversation will turn out to be spicy, interesting, sometimes a little awkward, but from that sincere and hilariously funny! Relax and get your positive charge!